Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Data of the Service Provider

Name: Cheblon Kft.

Headquarters: 8419 Csesznek, Wathay Ferenc Str. 55.

Company registration number: 19-09-520820

Tax number: 26302168-2-19


  1. General provisions
    1. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) summarize the contractual content on the basis of which the Ferrata Guesthouse (8419 Csesznek, Wathay Ferenc Str. 55-57.) owned by the Service Provider (hereinafter: “Service Provider”) concludes an accommodation service contract with its Guests. 
    2. Individual conditions do not form part of these GTC, but they do not exclude the conclusion of separate, special agreements with travel agents and organizers, sometimes with different conditions corresponding to the given business.
  1. Definitions
  • Accommodation provider/Service Provider: for the purposes of these GTC, Cheblon Kft.
  • Guest/Contracting Party: A domestic or foreign natural or legal person who uses accommodation services concludes an accommodation service contract. The guest is usually also the contracting party. 
  • Accommodation service contract: A contract concluded between the Accommodation Provider and the Contracting Party, the content of which is regulated more closely below.
  • Parties/ Contracting Parties: The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are met, become contractual parties.
  1. Contracting Parties
    1. The services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest. If the Guest places the order for the services directly with the Service Provider, the Guest becomes the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are met, become contractual parties (hereinafter: Parties).
    2. If the order for the services is placed by a third party (hereinafter referred to as the Intermediary) on behalf of the Guest to the Service Provider, the terms of the cooperation are governed by the agreement between the Service Provider and the Agent. In this case, the Service Provider is not obliged to examine whether the third party legally represents the Guest.
  1. Conclusion of the Agreement, method of booking, modification, obligation to notify
    1. The Service Provider accepts requests for reservations through its online reservation system, by e-mail, as well as by postal mail, as well as through accommodation portals (in writing). Any booking is only valid after confirmation by e-mail. If you have made a booking through this booking engine, please check the correctness of the information provided in the booking form, in particular the contact and arrival details.
    2. If the guest is not available at the phone number or e-mail address provided in the booking or the contact details prove to be incorrect and thus it is not possible to confirm the legality of the reservation, the accommodation provider reserves the right to cancel the reservation without giving any reason, which also terminates the legal claim for the accommodation service.
    3. The contract is concluded by accepting and confirming the offer sent in writing by the Service Provider for the reservation of the Guest, and thus qualifies as a contract concluded in writing, at the same time it means the acceptance of the present GTC issued by the Service Provider.
    4. In the case of a booking made through accommodation portals, the contract is concluded with the Guest in the confirmation as the Contracting Party on the day of the confirmation sent by the agent, and the General Terms and Conditions on the Service Provider’s website also apply to the contracts concluded on the basis of these bookings.
    5. An oral booking, agreement, amendment or verbal confirmation by the Service Provider does not qualify as the conclusion of a contract.
    6. The Service Provider reserves the right to stipulate the payment of an advance payment of the amount specified in the confirmation of the accommodation reservation , basically at the rate of 50%, which is non-refundable. If the advance payment is not received by the deadline specified in the confirmation, the Service Provider may unilaterally withdraw from the contract, in which case its binding offer and service obligation will be terminated. In case of non-payment of the advance payment, in the absence of written termination of the contract by the Service Provider, the service contract concluded at the time of booking will remain valid and in case of cancellation by the Guest or in case of non-appearance, the penalty payment obligations specified in clause 5 of the contract shall apply.
    7. The Contract for the use of accommodation services is for a certain period of time.
      1. 4.7.1.If the Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider is entitled to the full consideration of the service stipulated in the Contract. In this case, accommodation will not be refunded. A room vacant before the expiry date is entitled to be resold by the Service Provider.
      2. 4.7.2.The extension of the use of the accommodation service initiated by the Guest requires the prior consent of the Service Provider. In this case, the Service Provider may stipulate the reimbursement of the fee for the service already performed.
      3. 4.7.3.The prior consent of the Service Provider is required for the reservation of the accommodation-service at an earlier time.
    8. A written agreement signed by the Parties is required to amend and/or supplement the Agreement.
  1. Cancellation Policy
    1. The ordered accommodation can be cancelled with the payment of a penalty. The penalty is 50% of the booking amount.
    2. We can only accept cancellations and amendments in written form.
    3. In the case of group bookings of more than 8 people, the payment of the deposit in accordance with point 4.6 is still required.
    4. In the event of cancellation or non-cancellation, regardless of the payment of the penalty, the accommodation provider’s obligation to provide accommodation is terminated and he is entitled to rent out the unused room to another guest.
    5. If the Contracting Party has not provided the use of the accommodation services by advance payment, credit card guarantee or otherwise as stipulated in the Contract, the Service Provider’s obligation to provide services shall terminate after 16:00 local time on the day of arrival.
    6. If the Contracting Party has provided the use of the accommodation services by making an advance payment, a credit card guarantee or in another way stipulated in the Contract, and does not arrive by 18:00 local time on the day of arrival, or does not indicate in writing that it will arrive at a later time, the Service Provider may enforce the amount specified in the Contract, but at least one daily accommodation fee as a penalty. In this case, the accommodation is reserved for the Contracting Party until 10:00 on the day following the day of arrival, after which the Service Provider’s obligation to provide services ceases.
    7. In the case of booking products and package offers subject to special conditions, group travel or events, the Service Provider may establish different conditions, as set out in an individual Agreement.
    8. For bookings made through accommodation portals (booking.com, szallas.hu), the cancellation policy may be different from the above and for these contracts we will apply the cancellation policy indicated in our data sheet displayed on the portals at the time of booking and also specified in the confirmation.
  1. Prices
    1. The pre-booking prices advertised on our website are only valid for bookings earlier than the 45th day before the day of arrival. Standard room rates are posted in the hotel’s rooms or at the Reception.
    2. The Service Provider is free to change its advertised prices without prior notice.
    3. When communicating the prices, the Service Provider indicates the rate of tax content of the prices (VAT, tourist tax) valid at the time of the offer, regulated by law. The Service Provider shall pass on the additional burdens due to the amendment of the applicable tax law (VAT, tourist tax) to the Contracting Party with prior notice.
    4. Current discounts, promotions and other offers are advertised on our website (www.ferratavendeghaz.hu).
    5. Family discounts
      1. 6.5.1.One child up to the age of 2.99 stays free of charge if he or she stays in the same room as two parents. More than one child under the age of 3 and over 3 years of age is placed for an extra bed surcharge. Over the age of 14, a full accommodation fee will be charged.
  1. Method of payment, guarantee
    1. The Service Provider requests the consideration for the services provided to the Contracting Party, the accommodation fee and the payment of the tourist tax upon arrival.
    2. The Service Provider to guarantee the use of the service in accordance with the Contract and the payment of the consideration;
      1. 7.2.1.you can request a credit card guarantee, during which the price of the ordered and confirmed service will be blocked on the credit card,
      2. 7.2.2.request an advance payment for part or all of the participation fee
      3. 7.2.3.By ordering the accommodation or paying the advance payment, the Guest acknowledges the conclusion of the service contract according to these conditions and expressly consents to the Service Provider deducting the amount of the penalty payable in accordance with section 5 from the amount of the advance paid by the Service Provider.
    3. The Contracting Party may pay its invoice in HUF, and/or
      1. 7.3.1.in any currency advertised by the Service Provider for acceptance. In this case, the conversion and invoicing takes place at the purchase rate of the currency of the Service Provider’s account-holding Bank on the guest’s day of arrival.
      2. 7.3.2.the Service Provider accepts cash-saving payment instruments – bank card, Szép card (MKB, K&H, OTP) – the current list of which is made available to the Contracting Party upon request.
    4. In case of cancellation of a reservation secured by advance payment, the Service Provider will make a refund from the amount of the deposit paid. Amount to be repaid
      1. 7.4.1.the total amount of the advance paid if the Contracting Party is not liable to pay a penalty as described in paragraph 5,
      2. 7.4.2.the part of the advance paid in excess of the penalty provided for in paragraph 5, if the Contracting Party cancels the accommodation beyond the period of cancellation free of penalty specified in paragraph 5.
      3. 7.4.3.The Service Provider shall make the repayment by bank transfer to the number of bank accounts specified by the Contracting Party within 5 working days after the legal basis has been clarified.
    5. The costs incurred in applying any of the payment and repayment methods specified in points 7.2 to 7.4 shall be borne by the customer as a Contracting Party.
    6. If, for any reason, the Contracting Party/Guest leaves the accommodation before the end of the pre-booked period, he is still obliged to pay the accommodation fee for the nights booked.
    7. The tourist tax cannot be paid with a Szép card.
  1. Method and conditions of using the service
    1. The Guest can book the rooms of the accommodation from 14:00 to 18:00 on the day of arrival (Check in) and is obliged to leave the accommodation until 10:00 a.m. on the last day of stay (Check out). If the guest plans to arrive after 18.00, it is absolutely necessary to notify the accommodation provider by phone or in writing.
    2. If the Guest wishes to occupy the room before 8:00 a.m. on the day of arrival, the previous night will be charged.
    3. The conditions of use of the non-accommodation service provided to guests (other services: playground, pool, jacuzzi, sauna) are determined by the house rules, which are posted at the place of service. In the case of an apartment, the accommodation may require the payment of a deposit of HUF 100,000 to be paid on the spot upon arrival, but may also waive this unilaterally. In case of improper use of the accommodation and other services for reasons attributable to the guest, we charge a one-time extraordinary cleaning cost of HUF 20,000 and reserve the right to claim compensation for damages to the equipment.
    4. Wi-Fi is free of charge and can be asked for its password at the reception.
    5. Other services such as the playground and pool, sauna and jacuzzi can be used free of charge, but only at your own risk.
    6. Massage service is possible at a pre-arranged time, about which more information can be requested at the reception.
    7. During the stay of the accommodation, up to 2 parking spaces are available free of charge for the guests during the stay, depending on the availability. After check-out – by prior notice – the guest’s car can stay in the parking lot for up to 14 hours without paying an additional fee, after which a parking fee of HUF 5,000 per day will be charged.
    8. In the area of the entrance and the parking lot, the current traffic rules apply. The speed limit is 5 km/h.
    9. In the parking area, it is not possible to carry out major installation and maintenance on the vehicle. Minor repairs, maintenance are allowed as long as the cleanliness of the area is not threatened.
  1. Pets, smoking
    1. It is not possible to bring pets to the accommodations of the Service Provider.
    2. The entire building of the Service Provider accommodation is a non-smoking area, therefore smoking and the use of open flames are prohibited in the building and especially in the guest rooms. Smoking is allowed only in the designated area.
    3. If the Guest violates the smoking ban and as a result the fire safety equipment of the building is activated or the equipment of the building is damaged, the Guest is obliged to pay the damage caused and the cost before leaving. In case of smoking in the room, an extra cleaning fee of HUF 20,000 will be charged upon departure.
    4. In case of smoking in designated places, it is forbidden to place cigarette butts in the yard and throughout the entire territory of the guest house, collecting them and placing them in the trash cans.
    5. If action is taken against the accommodation provider due to the non-compliance with the law, the violator is obliged to reimburse the cost thereof. This action may result in a complaint and other proceedings.
  1. Refusal to perform the contract, termination of the obligation to provide services
    1. 10.1.The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the Contract for its services with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services if:
      1. 10.1.1.the Guest does not use the room, facility or equipment provided as intended,
      2. 10.1.2.the Guest behaves in an objectionable manner, rudely, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or exhibits threatening, offensive or other unacceptable behavior with the safety, order of the accommodation and service place,
      3. 10.1.3.the Guest suffers from an infectious disease,
      4. 10.1.4.the Contracting Party fails to fulfil its obligation to pay the advance specified in the Contract by the specified date.
    2. 10.2.If the Contract between the parties is not fulfilled for reasons of force majeure, the contract is terminated
  1. Placement guarantee
    1. 11.1.If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services listed in the Contract due to its own fault (overcharging, temporary operational problems), the Service Provider is obliged to take care of the accommodation of the Guest immediately.
    2. 11.2.The Service Provider is obliged to: provide / offer the services included in the Contract at the price confirmed in it, for the period stipulated therein – or until the impediment has ceased to exist – in another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.
  1. Regarding matters not regulated herein, the Hungarian legislation and official regulations in force at any time regarding the activities of the Service Provider, as well as the provisions of the Civil Code, shall also apply without any special stipulation.

Dated: Csesznek, 01.10.2022.

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