Bike tours

Bike tours

Bike tours

By the way of the bishops from Pannonhalma to Veszprém

A few hundred meters from our Guesthouse, you can join the cycling route starting from Pannonhalma and ending through Zirc to Veszprém in Bakonyszentkirály.

The road leads mostly on low-traffic roads, but sometimes in romantic forest environments, and sometimes through fields, drawing a moderately difficult hike on the map through the diverse landscape of Bakony.

Total length of the tour: 88,5 km
Duration of the tour: 11.30 hours
Level difference: 856 m
Difficulty: medium

Forest depth bike tour in the Old-Bakony

Starting from Vinya, a few kilometers from the Guesthouse, the circular tour, which runs mostly along quiet forest cycle paths, surprisingly hardly contains any dangerous ascents, will spice up the most important sights of the legendary Old Bakony, famous for its forests throughout the country, which can be reached by bicycle, such as the ancient pine forest, the stone-rolling hillsides, beech forests, ancient cave mouths, the famous Hubertlaki Lake, the magnificent mountain meadows, as well as one of the most beautiful and one of the most ignorant Bakony valley gorges.

Total length of the tour: 55,3 km
Duration of the tour: 5.30 hours
Level difference: 1116 m
Degree of difficulty: difficult

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