Walking tours

Walking tours

Walking tours

Cuha’s wild gorge

The Cuha Valley is a popular tourist destination. There are many walking and biking opportunities in the area. You can walk along a well-developed learning path, and bacon baking is also possible at the designated fire pits. The Central Transdanubian Red Tourist Route runs along the gorge, the interesting feature of this section of which is that the stream crosses the road several times, without a bridge. (Jumping on stones can solve the crossing). The railway line running here is the most beautiful mountain railway line in Hungary, which also passes through three tunnels and a viaduct.

Length of the tour: 13,6 km 

Duration of the tour: 4 hours

Level difference: 426 m 

Difficulty: Easy

The Ördög-árok gorge

Near Zirc and Csesznek, the Ördög-árok provides an opportunity for a long gorge tour. In the narrow, rocky valley, raw limestone walls, mossy stone scrolls and secured rock steps make it adventurous to get ahead – in places it’s like wrestling with the devil.

A short but spectacular gorge tour between Bakony column and Dudar, which can be undertaken by anyone who does not shy away from having to use their hands once or twice to get ahead. The route can also be walked with children, they are guaranteed to be captivated by the many rocks and streams. However, dangerous parts and slippery sections of the trail require close supervision, and the entire hike requires some discipline from them. As a family, start only during a dry period, when there is hardly any water in the riverbed.
Length of the tour: 7,1 km
Duration of the tour: 2,1 hours
Level difference: 252 m
Difficulty: Easy 

In the depths of gorges – Ördög-árok, Kő-árok, Kőmosó-szurdok

In the deeply cut ditches and gorges, we can find three beautiful valleys of Bakony in the vicinity of Csesznek, which can be visited for a comfortable circular tour.
Length of the tour: 13,9 km
Duration of the tour: 5 hours
Level difference: 340 m
Difficulty: Medium difficulty hike with some sections that require more experience.  

The secrets of the “Killer Lake of Bakony” and Hubertlak

A short, spectacular tour to Hubertlak, which can be comfortably completed even with smaller children, where, in addition to the pond, which offers a special view, we will also get acquainted with a three-storey castle and the legend of the patron saint of hunters.

During the journey, which is only 7.5 km long and has a 257 m elevation, we walk through the steep-walled valley of the Molnár Fountain ditch along the track of the former forest railway. The large lawn area and resting facilities of the Red John Sédi rest stop, which is also affected at the beginning and the end of the tour, are a particularly good opportunity for a picnic for those arriving with children.
Length of the tour: 7,5 km
Duration of the tour: 2,2 hours
Level difference: 257 m fel
Difficulty: Medium 

Roman bath waterfall

Memories of the human and geological past come to life on this easy, forest walk-like tour, which traverses the famous site of Bakony, one of the gorges of the Gaja stream. The route is also ideal for families with little elevation and short distances. The water near Bakonynána carved a canyon about 2 km long, with deep and steep walls, into the rock, which offers a fascinating experience. Among the falling limestone walls, the waterfall known as the Roman Baths and its surroundings are the highlight of the tour, the experience of which is enhanced by the fact that above the rapids you can also plunge into the yawning mouth of the Savanyó Jóska Cave.

Length of the tour: 7,5 km
Duration of the tour: 2,15 hours
Level difference: 214 m
Difficulty: Easy 

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